(essence of a thought and feeling) Welcome everyone! i am Diante Mcdonald a young poet and i am going to share my poems with you on my blog. i hope everyone enjoys.


empty frames

I have a storm rolling around in my head that i cant shake,

i have a heart that ache enough to crack this frame of a

picture so nice,but the crazy part is that just last week

i was on cloud 9 with this love thing , i think to myself this

cant be happening,  feeling myself falling from a place

in my life so close to heaven,finding myself scrolling

down pictures of you and your smile to just get one last

 from you,tawsing and turning wondering why did i play the fool,

standing here  empty handed like a construction worker

with no tools,i remember our first kiss in the rain and

 thunder and from that point on i had no second thought or wonder

  if you was the one ,holding my heart in yours to beat as

one while  the thunder and rain got heavy and louder.

  you went nowhere you stood right there biside me,

i guess you got tired of the sorrys,brokein promises

 and dates missed but if i ever get that chance again

i will do you right i promise

to:taylor ann moore from diantethepoet


Destiny knocks

no rush just careful to find my way to stability,film rolling live around my old way,lost 3 gunned down in the news today,sensibly using this as gas to get me to this date with destiny,hands together like six thirty praying to the man above me with all of my energy to guide me to the spotlight with no stoplight because everything seem impossible when you work your fingers to the bone and stepping-stones start to sink forcing you to fastly think,missing links but everything fall in place like a fastly assembled single file so  hands are not open like what now because what now is your date with destiny so carefully find clarity with the lord to turn your about to be to bin and then you can put a  z on the end to drive  then the dr at the start of your name and possibly fame.

pain by diante the poet

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look at the bigger things

Manhood clicked in for me at the age 16,

from age 2 to 15 no father figure so I had to pick a path of life quicker,

got into the dictionary to increase my vocabulary, mom raised a strong-minded man so no worries

without her everything I have now would just be dreams and wishes to a fairy but

look at the bigger things.

you see growing up around n.e  kenilworth your skin get tough and tougher some things you see you wish you never,

people you grew up with fed into drugs,locked up or got shot with a slug then there’s some still out there thinking they thugs  but

look at the bigger things.

I figure things  like  god put  you in this world it’s up to you to find your wings,you know become an angel a nut wont find a squirrel so your bible be your gas to last you because heaven is your reward at the end like a vacation to Disney land,but you will never come back here because this world will be vacant but

look at the bigger things.

Every specie have a mate like a dove,open up your eyes when people die it take time but pay attention by the gravesite they either get doves or a flock of crow that’s your lesson, crows are hell two or more doves they made it to heaven but

look at the bigger things.

9 times out of 10 or ten times out of nine,9 out of ten there’s a chance of it happening   but 10 times out  of  9 slick words for no ability.looking at the bigger things that 9 out of ten was me and my chances of making  it through the things around me,guns banging,drunks drinking,junkies stinking,helicopters swinging over top of me. thinking  to myself ….. gee a strong mind is one of a kind destined to be the one to power my own dreams but

look at the bigger things

I found my wings like pirates finding treasure as life goes on you earn feather after feather then its off to the heavens you go and standing there the lord with angels all around like you getting  judged  before a board

by:diante the poet

Home Range

Walking but missing cracks in the pavement,talking but are you hearing my statements,looking but our eyes never connect,this is not home or in its range.what happend to the tall buildings and the park with the playing children where the trees flurry up from little breeze when the seasons change.where is the homeless man that turn over  10 gallon buckets and shopping carts to play drums by the capital for a few coins.where is the old couple that always gave me they wise outlooks on the world and things,the moores that was they name. but where is  the roar of the rumbling trains that cross the old parkside bridge by the fire house and the bakery…i dont hear its holler before depature anymore.where is the bold squirrels thats come up to you as if they had a collar around they neck or the birds that you feed every morning on your door step. i dont hear they churps anymore.where is grandma sunday cooking after church let out? i dont hear the sizzle of the fried chicken or the harmony of the church choir anymore. i am not in home range feels like im somewhere offshore .  

by:Diante the poet

When you come

Finger tips touching pointing toward the ceiling,palms sweating,tears trailing.did my dirt but wandering in my mind will the lord still let me in heaven along with grandad even though its been a while since me and the lord had a session of praying for the wrong doing i have done. fixing my lips to ask can i go when you come and when the sun rise up and rot to the moon at night, if its my time can i be further than the stars and ages away from mars with wings to fly? so no cars steering me in the wrong direction just wings to get around heaven.when you come can i go? to escape this bubble full of lies they call earth that always seem to get worst and worst.the music teaching kids to be thugs and them not seeing that ends them up in a hurse its wild… because the artist never practice what they preach they leave it to the kids to practice what they portray to be cool like carrying guns,selling drugs and not going to school,sagging they pants to show each other they cool but them not realizing they brain is a vital tool they let artist play them as the fool ,so they walk around,no smile and pretend to have no emotion because no one is there to tell them its ok to put all  dilemmas out in the open.

by:diante the poet


People have problems of facing concrete truth until the sob stories your friends tell you happen to you.
I done felt pain and wanted to take a alternative lane sreaming to the sky to keep yourself sane.born into sin
but am i the one to blame? In dier need of a better relationship with my mom because alot of butting heads is
whats been going on.no relationship with my dad either he dont even know my size in sneakers no love,no happyness,
no talk ,no clearance. so where do i find my  guidance ? grandma getting older so nomore weight can be thrown on
her shoulders.Dont know who to talk to when things go amiss music be my meditation but it cant keep resulting into this.
going down friends list but they all seem fake as a penny in a fountain to make a wish subtracting jb and lj my brothers till the end
they true and safe to call friends.Its crazy when train of thought start to run and its your job to catch it for it jump tracks.
searching and searching but cant seem to find light.Beside that still having to stay between the brackets of wrong and right.
its useful though because it be the same things i recite. suitable for the ample poems i write that one day will get me in my visualized
house with a daydream site.
BY Diante the poet